speech yang menggugah

What we’ve learnt from Ebola outbreak is you need to react quickly

You need to go after the viruses

You need to stop the chain transmission

You need to engage with community very deeply

Community acceptance usually important

You need to be coordinate

You need to be coherent

You need to look at the other sector impact

School, security, and economic

So essentially many of those lesson

But the lesson I learn after so many Ebola outbreak in my career

Be fast

Have no regrets

You must be the first mover

The virus will always get your feet if you don’t move quickly

And you need to be prepare

I said this

One of the great things in emergency response and anyone who survive in emergency response will know this

If you need to be right before you move

You will never win

Perfection is the enemy of the good when it comes to emergency response

Speed trumps perfection

And the problem with society we have at the moment is everyone afraid of making mistake

Everyone afraid of consequence of error

But the greatest errors is not to move

The greatest error is be paralyses by the fear of failure

I think that is the single biggest lesson I’ve learnt in Ebola responsibility in the past

(Dr Michael Ryan – WHO Executive Director)


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